You want to know what is the perfect formula for success? I will show you.

Faith + Work + Persistent Consistency = Anything you want!

Most people are aware that there is a spiritual element to manifesting anything on the physical plane although many people when performing works of any kind neglect the spirit. No matter what they say or write their actions are always louder. The number one thing to anyone who has been successful at any thing is the spirit. It feeds the other elements of life and without it there would be nothing! The most influential element of any spiritual work is that you will be transformed by the renewal of you mind! Instead of changed, which is temporary, it says you will be transformed which is permanent.

We have to work without ceasing because the results are left up to the spirit not us. In the world we live in now we are bombarded by constant forms that want us to confirm to the status quo instead of seek the truth we wish to see. It takes a training and a conditioning of our mind, by us, to make the difference in getting what we want. Famous teacher from The Secret Bob Proctor says” The spirit awaits direction from the soul.” In other words your subconscious mind awaits direction from the conscious mind and unfortunately most people affirm what they don’t want.

On top of that, most people work hard at the weakest level of manifestation the physical. In other words they work hard doing physical activities trying to control things out of their control. You should put the most effort into the spirit which rules over everything. Faith is the thing that overcomes this world it is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. The next part is works in most spiritual teachings it states faith without works is dead and you reap what you sow.  If you sow a seed of frustration you will reap a crop of frustration.

The third part is persistent consistency which means work with faith and patience until you see a result, then you read the feedback without judgement and tweak and refine until you manifest it just the way you want. Again the results are not up to us so it could take 2000 years or 2 seconds no one knows.

Preparation and planning make a difference. Most people do not see the process of how to attain things, just the end result the money, car, or house, etc. If people saw or if advertisers put an emphasizes on the less glamorous process it takes to get the results nobody would want to do it. The only thing that will get you through the process is purpose and love. For example, boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao runs 10 miles a day, Dirk Nowitzki take countless shots after each game. If you think about it they should probably have even better results than they have. (although a world champ boxer and one of the best power forwards ever aint bad!) Again the results are not up to us.

As you work with the end result in mind remember that the work to manifest $100 is different from $100 million. Famed motivational speak Les Brown states “If you do hard things your life will be easy” and the opposite is true. Most people do easy things things and wonder why they don’ t get the things that takes more work to manifest. Author Stephen Convey in 7 Habits of Highly Successful People says, that you should do the things that are important not urgent, for example, exercising on a regular basis is important but not urgent. You will see once you live as these two brilliant guys say and live your life will be easy and fun!

I invite you to open you mind and look at your life as a bank with separate bank accounts for each aspect of your life. You have an account for spiritually, relationally, sexually, financial, mental, emotional, and physical areas of your life.  Each day make it a conscious effort to make a deposit into each account to lay up for yourself riches far greater than this world. For example, a deposit in your mental account might be saying affirmations to affirm your purpose or desires. No matter what happens or what you do don’t let a day go by without making some type of deposit in each account no matter how small. Once you do this your life will have tremendous balance and purpose. Real estate is the same way, you must have a purpose and faith. The best investors always have faith no matter the market conditions, and are able to make money while others complain! Check out this video to help you make money in this market through faith!

Here are some suggestions that are strange but if applied can make a tremendous impact.  As a disclaimer you should always test anything, faith that has not been tested can’t be trusted! So get your grain of salt out and have your mail forwarded to the edge because that’s where you will be living!

Think in images rather than words and internal dialogue.

Go to sleep and wake up visualizing and affirming your deepest desires For example if it’s money visualizes Benny, Ulysses, and Andy Jackson!

Practice relaxing your physical body all the time!

Anchor yourself in the present moment always be alert to what is going on around you. Use your 5 senses. Pay attention to what you are paying attention to.

Only talk about what you want. For example, if you don’t want to get out of your bed in the morning say don’t say “I don’t want to get out of bed ” instead turn it around and say “I enjoy staying in my bed”

If you can’t be around like minded people in the physical create a virtually environment of success through social media.

Be selfless. Don’t take anything personal no matter what! Refrain from  saying I, me, my, and mine as much as possible.

Listen more than you talk. Find times to take noble silence.

Be patient and loyal to the process and learn to keep things long enough until they manifest into something positive.

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