One of the first blog posts on a website should arguably be some of the best. The main reason of course is because you want to make sure that you do not bore the reader right off – not good for a website review or getting all the articles read. So, the first articles should contain some revelations in it, some possible life-alerting message, a profound paradigm shift. Of course I’m being a bit sarcastic but I am also making a point.

I am going to share with you the most profound discovery I have had that has my business to where I wanted it to be in the shortest period of time possible. This advice will yield huge returns for those commercial investors that really use it and implement it. Here is the thing too. It doesn’t matter where your market is, what kind of market you work with, what kind of property you may specialize in or who your tenants are. Whether you work mainly corporate commercial real estate or apartments – Doesn’t matter. Here it is:


Stop right now and really think about what you have just read. As a matter of fact please read it again so you can really understand what I am telling you here.

Why is this the case? Why am I telling you that you are not in the commercial real estate investment business?

Here is why: you may be the best negotiator, the best financial analyst of commercial real estate, the best manager, have the greatest sales personality BUT – If you cannot get qualified tenant prospects in your door, prospects to call you and want to do business with you in the first place, NONE OF THIS DOES YOU ANY GOOD!!

So you see – the goal is to get business through the door in the first place because without a constant stream of business calling you, wanting to do business with you — your commercial real estate investment business will fail.

So, from this day forward your mindset needs to change to one of a marketer of your services vs. a doer of your services.

Don’t worry, I can hear your skepticism already.

Yes – you do complete real estate transactions, call tenant prospects, advertise your properties for lease through whatever media, etc. I know that you do this. Don’t get caught up in that part of it though. I know all of those things are important for your business.

But, Do Not skip over this.

Do not get confused that opening your mail and typing letters on your computer vs. developing systems that bring tenants in the door are of the same degree of importance for your business. They are not. Those that get this confused are losing money. A lot of money.

Once you adopt this “marketing your services attitude” you will notice all kinds of things happening including more investment dollars and more market share coming your way. More opportunities, more free time.

Sounds strange doesn’t it? Believe me, it’s not.

So, in summary, your goal is to work on getting as many qualified customers and tenants to come through your door, to call you, and want to do business with you in the first place. This is where we start, but how do we get the phone to consistently ring with qualified customers and tenants? We’ll talk about that in my next article…

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