If you’ve ever wanted to know the true secret of success then the following email will give you a big clue. It’s an email I received yesterday from one of my partners…

“I received a call from a nutcase woman who wanted all cash for her house, so I started asking her questions from the seller info sheet and I asked her what her mortgage balance was and she got so ticked off that I asked that. I told her why I needed the info. And she just screamed and yelled ‘this is personal info and you have no right asking for this info’. I did make her a cash offer. She claimed her house was worth 230K and in perfect shape so I offered 65% of 230k, after that she hung up. Funny stuff.”

So what does that email have to do with the secret of success? Well… here it is: If you want to be a six-figure real estate investor or perhaps even make seven-figures, you have to become immune to criticism and you cannot care what other people think.

The end of the email shows exactly why my partner is successful. He didn’t get upset or angry, he simply said “funny stuff” and we moved on to the next deal. You won’t get these “crazy” people often but they do come around 1% of the time. Over the years I’ve been called every name in the book, hung up on plenty of times, and threatened by one lady who said she would call the police for the “illegal” direct mail I was sending her.

I just shrug it all off. The only people who never get yelled at are the ones who don’t do any marketing. They’re also the ones who don’t make any money. But here’s the important part: I know far too many investors who after they get a phone call where someone screams at them, they become timid and stop marketing. And as I just mentioned then they don’t do any business.

You have to remember that when somebody yells at you, they don’t know the real you. They are yelling at someone who made a low-ball offer or who sent them a postcard. If you want to be successful you cannot take it personally.

Here’s a little trick that I use and I suggest you start using too: The reason we get offended is because we care about what other people think. For example, when you’re singing to yourself in your car at a stoplight and someone pulls up next to you, what do you do? You stop singing, right? Well, next time this happens, keep on singing. Get out of your comfort zone. That person doesn’t know you, so why should you feel uncomfortable.

Figure out whatever “mind” games you’re going to have to play with yourself to develop this immunity to criticism and an “I don’t care what others think” attitude. Also, if you want to read the best book ever written about this subject, check out Thick Face Black Heart by Chin-Ning Chu.

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