Some of you that have been around me for years know of this story but many of your have not been with me for years, so, it deserves repeating because it is all about being serious and what just this attitude can do to you…or in this case NOT do to you.

There is a standing joke among those that work with me here in my office about Merv.

I have been in the brokerage business also for about 18 years or so. Every since I have been in the real estate business I have been  meeting Merv about once a year at a property that he is interested in buying.

Here is how it goes.

He will get my newsletter, ad, etc. and see a property that he thinks looks interesting.  Again, this happens about twice per year.

Once he sees a property he fancies..he will call me and want to look at it.  He will want all of the particular mailed to him, etc. first but then will schedule and appointment to see the property.

We schedule it.

After that I meet him at the property and he looks at it.  Takes his time. Walks it very thoroughly.  Once done, he says he will go home and think about it.

Funny thing is I never hear from him again after that.  Until of course he  wants to look at another property about 6 months later.

I am not kidding when I say this has been going on almost 20 years.  It is now something I kind of look forward to vs. being frustrated by.

To this day old Merv has been in the ‘think about it’ mode and all during this time NOTHING has changed in his life in terms of his wealth.  The about 20 years STILL passed him by.  It is sad really to have goals but get 5 yards from achieving them and then quitting.

Whatever you do learn what NOT to do from my friend here.  Be different from most and actually GO FOR IT!  You still have a lot of real estate things to get done – do them now!

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