If you’re making and putting up bandit signs yourself, then 1) May God help you, and 2) Here are some helpful tips for getting them made faster. I’ve also included some things I have done to make sure the operation goes smoothly and consistently even if someone is hanging them for you.

Keep an Adequate Inventory

The first thing to do is choose how many signs you’re going to put up in the next month. This is based on your business goals and budget.

Once you know how many to put up, you’ll want to order at least enough signs to cover the next month. If you know what percentage of them disappear or are confiscated/desecrated by Heinrich Himmler and the Sign Gestapo, then use that figure to reduce the number that you order (to account for signs that stay up for longer than one week).

Or, order as many signs as you want to actually be in place each week, whether reusing them or not, as this will slowly build you up a surplus for emergencies without having to pay for it all at once.

Schedule the Signs’ Creation

Mark on your calendar the time when you’ll squat down and hammer the signs to wooden stakes, or attache the wire frames to the signs, or whatever it is you do to prep them for hanging. I would do this once per MONTH, not once per week, as it’s easier to remember to do something once than it is four times. Also, you’ll get it done faster because you’re batching tasks.

Also, when you do this, count how many signs you have and calculate how many more you’ll need to order to have enough for the next month or two. Then order new signs right away, because they take several weeks to ship, usually.

The last thing you want to do is wait to order them until you have completely run out and then your business gets put on hold in the meantime.

Err on the Side of Too Many

I suggest having an emergency surplus of bandit signs on hand at all times–about two or three weeks’ worth. The opportunity cost of missing deals during weeks with no signs up is much greater than the money you tie up in buying a few more signs. Plus, you’ll get a discount for buying more.

Just make sure you’re committed to hanging up signs consistently, month after month. If you’re just starting out, then buy a month’s worth, put them up, and evaluate your results and ask yourself if it was worth it.

If so, continue using this process I’ve outlined and your bandit sign operation should go as smoothly as an underground operation to make money and give power to the people while dodging the swatting paws and tentacles of The Man (you know, that guy in the white pickup truck whose life mission is to see that your business goes unpromoted and countless families lose their homes? Yeah, that guy)

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