realestateinvestingmarketingSo what happens when you do find that good real estate investment deal and need to find a buyer so you can make some fast cash wholesaling it?

First things first – get it under contract! You can not sell or wholesale something that you do not have the rights to or own. Period. Get an offer into the agent, seller or investor and once they agree to your terms – MARKET – MARKET – MARKET! Real Estate Marketing is what takes your deal to the closing table.

The #1 thing that makes a real estate wholesaler successful – a buyers list or access to a group of investors that are interested in the type of investment property that he/she has for wholesale.

Building A Wholesale Buyers List

Building a real estate investing marketing buyers list is real simple yet can be difficult at first.  The two main steps for building a wholesale buyers list are:

Create a List  – Every investor that you run across – add them to an email list or a database.

Communicate To List – Send actual information about real estate.  You want to send engaging information that investors would be interested in as well as deals you have in your pipeline.

Marketing To A Wholesale Buyers List

There are two effective ways to communicate with your list.  Direct Mail and Emails. Each of these are trackable, easily duplicated and relatively inexpensive.

You will want to communicate with your wholesale buyers list stuff like:

  • Niche Property Lists or News
  • Special Deals/Properties in an area
  • Video Training or Tours
  • Coming Soon Announcements
  • Free business tools, etc.

#1 Goal – Create engagement and conversations about real estate!

Wholesale Marketing – Email Sample Headlines

Here are some Sample Emails that will help you build a wholesale buyers list for your real estate investment marketing.

Getting To Know Investors


  • Subject: Private/Hard Money Loan Inquiry
  • Subject: “Actively Looking? Or Just Browsing?”

  • Subject: Looking For Home, Or Investor?


  • Hi, Thanks for accessing the Free Property List/Forms/Private Money Request from my website.
  • Just curious, are you looking to buy pretty soon, or just starting out looking?
  • Are you an investor or homeowner?
  • Sig -Your First Name Only

Niche Focused Property Searches

Basically all you need to do is go into Zillow, MLS, or Trulia and run some interesting searches based on the different types of investment property that you are looking for. Then send the link out to your database.  This is what likely will happen next:

  1. Investors will be happy to get a list of potential deals in their area

  2. Investors will respond by asking you questions about specific properties on your lists (WIN!)

  3. They start forwarding your emails to friends and family who might be in the market to buy. (another WIN!)

  4. They’re subconsciously reminded that you’re in real estate and you are building credibility


Subject: Fixer Uppers


 Here’s today’s “Property Search Of The Day” — A current look at some “Fixer Uppers” for sale in the Dallas, TX area.


 If you have any questions about any of these feel free to reply.

 Happy to help,

 -First Name

Individual “Property Hooks”

If you have a deal great – send it out. But what happens when it’s been a month goes by? You will want to create interest and demand. When ever you run across a property that your list may be interested in – gather the facts and send out a teaser.


Subject: Seller VERY Motivated


 This property’s is in pretty bad shape and the seller is extremely motivated to make a deal.

 If you know anyone who might want to buy it before it hits the MLS let me know.

[Click here to check pictures and other details.]

 If you know someone who might want to buy it, let me know 🙂


Tips For Building A Wholesale Buyers List

You can always share content with your list as well.  offers tons of FREE real estate investing training videos. Keep it fun, creative and engaging. You goal here it to build trust, credibility and eventually convert some of your list into buyers that will help you close more real estate investing deals.

Chow for now…Camille

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