That pesky real state agent is in my way of making a great and creative deal with the seller! How do I get around him or her?

This is a very good question and a very necessary skill to have in your tool belt of knowledge. I face this constantly when pursuing these types of deals. Getting around the agent to deal with the seller directly can be quite tricky. But it can be overcome. Here’s how you do it.

First, you need to get the trust of the agent. You want to make sure he or she knows that you’re not going to steal away the seller or the listing away or go behind his back unknowingly. However long it takes, work on developing this trust and rapport. While you are asking the agent questions about the property, also start asking questions about the seller (you’re slowly opening the door). I would start by asking these three to the agent: “why is the owner selling?” “how long has he been investing?” “what does the owner do for a living?”

Next, start looking for and asking questions that the agent can’t answer on his own. He’ll go ask the seller directly as he should. Once you get the answers, ask the same questions again, seeking further explanation. Give the appearance that you’re not satisfied with the answer. Wait a day, then call up the agent and ask if you can speak with the seller directly with him (the agent) on the phone too. If the agent senses that you are sincerely interested in the property, odds are he’ll set the call up. Once on the phone with the seller and agent, come prepared with good questions as well as compliments.

The next step is critical. Before the phone call ends, say the following: “Mr. Seller, I appreciate the time very much. As we get closer to finalizing this deal and head for a closing, is it possible that I could meet you at the property? For example, it would be great if you could squeeze in your schedule to meet me there during my walk-through inspection for a few minutes. That would be very helpful. Would that be possible Mr. Seller? I’m assuming he says “yes” to your request.

In the next few days, arrange a walk-through of the property with the agent and of course ask if the owner can “drop by”. Only schedule this if the seller is free to visit with you. Once you have the seller there, exchange contact info with one another.

You are now free to call him directly. Remember not to abuse it. There you have it folks…a sure-fire way to get by the real estate agent to the seller directly in an honorable fashion.

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