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Here’s my list of 10 blogs that consistently provide great information for real estate investors (beginner, intermediate and advanced). While there’s definitely more good real estate blogs than the ones you’ll find below, you just can’t go wrong with these.  If I forgot some, let me know about it by writing a comment.

Description: This blog is written by J.P. Moses, who is a real estate investor, blogger and social media junkie. He’s also a great copywriter, so his posts are always well written, entertaining and educational. Probably my favorite real estate blog to read.

Recent Posts: Wholesalers: Who Pays Your Buyers Agent, Free 1 Year Job Elimination Plan, Case Study: How 2 Guys Raked in 6 Figure Profits Flipping Houses in a Stinky Market, Annual Out to Lunch Contractors Awards (with pics)

Description: Trevor Mauch provides this great resource for honest, unbiased, complete, and actionable real estate investing and life success content.

Recent Posts: Bank Authorization Form Free Download, 30 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy Free Download, Writing Winning Listings on Free Real Estate Listing Sites

Description: Terry’s shares what he’s learned over the years in real estate and on the internet and often shares tips on how real estate investors can use the internet to advance their business.

Recent posts: How not to flop in flipping houses, House flipping reminders for amateurs, House Flipping 1-2-3

Description: Judging by the recent posts below, you’d never know this blog had anything to do with real estate investing…but it definitely does. Bryan Ellis is an opinionated blogger and real estate investor who has no problem expressing his opinions. He’s very right-wing anti liberal, so democrats may not like this one. However, he creates controversy and is entertaining regardless of political views. He also provides good real estate info.

Recent Posts:
Parental Insecurities Weigh Heavily on Adult Children, Bruce McFarland of Smith, Welch and Britain: An Honest Review from a Client, Tom Daschle is Out, It’s About **** Time

Description: Patrick Riddle and Dusty Keefe, both young but experienced investors, write this interesting blog. It’s 100% creative real estate tips, tactics and techniques. Frequent and informative posts.

Recent Posts: How to Profit in Today’s Market from REO Properties, How to Approach Private Money Prospects,  How to Wholesale Out of Town Deals

Description: Gerald provides an honest look at todays real estate market and whats working now combined with his unique spin on todays real estate techniques.

Recent Posts: Real Estate Markets 2009 – Have We Hit Bottom,  Real Estate Investing is Just Like Sex, Surprise…Real Estate Short Sales and REO’s Are Getting More Buyers

Description: a provocative, opinionated, conservative talk radio show promoting and encouraging the promulgation of wealth through real estate.

Recent Posts: Real Estate Transaction Fees Are And Have Always Been Bullshit, Does a Real Estate Contract Really Matter, Notice of Interest vs. Memorandum of Interest

Description: The site has followed the industry from the highest heights to the deepest lows. It brings a reasoned analysis of the real estate industry for both professionals, pundits, buyers and sellers, voyeurs, and those just curious.

Recent Posts: 1 in 3 Buyers Now Come From The Internet, Mortgages May Be Safe From Bankruptcy Judges, Why Are Home Sales Slow? People Have Stopped Moving

Cory Boatright is an expert in Short Sale Negotiation and Loss Mitigation. This is his personal and business blog. Cory provides excellent short sale tips that can be immediately implemented into deals you’re currently working on to increase their chances of closing.

Recent Posts:
Why You Can’t Do the Short Sales Business, Free Short Sale Course – Contest Just on Twitter, Future Looks GOOD for Short Sales

Description: This blog is maintained by Mark Walters. He’s an all around cool guy and 3rd generation real estate investor and his family has over 8 decades of combined experience. He shares his knowledge on his free video blog.

Recent Posts:
Bank REO’s Assignments and Timing,  How to Find Affordable Contractors, Getting Real Estate Agents to Bring You Deals 3 Times a Day

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