real estate investing flipping housesWe are well aware that the first wholesale discount property or real estate deal is frequently the hardest one to discover for the new real estate investor.  Finding potential properties, getting them under contract and flipped to another investor or end-buyer can be both easy and laborious for some investors.

We have put together this list of the best of our Wholesale & Flipping investing  articles, books, videos and investing inforgraphic blueprints that come highly rated by your fellow real estate investors.



  1.  7 Step Fast Cash Formula Blueprint

  2. 3 Must Have Clauses For Wholesale Assignment Contracts

  3. Free Flipping Real Estate Download (eBook)

  4. How To Wholesale Real Estate – Step By Step

  5. 5 Fast Ways To Generate Wholesale Leads In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day

  6. Flipping Houses: Running The Numbers On Wholesale Deals (Part 1)

  7. 8 Step Checklist for Assigning Contracts

  8. Wholesaling Maximum Allowable Offer Formula

  9. How Wholesalers Use Assignment of Contract

  10. How to Get Your First Wholesale Deal Done in 30 days

Hope that this “Top 10 Wholesale Real Estate Investing List” gets you investors to the closing table with a killer deal. Let us know what you think of this top 10 investing resources list or if you have a favorite REIClub video or article that was beneficial for your investing business or helped you with a deal.

Thanks and wishing you all success on your very next deal!

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