real estate investing tips did it again!!! Our real estate investing blog was included in the “Top 88 Real Estate Blogs To Follow In 2014” compilation. What an impressive list for real estate investors to discover a new real estate investing strategy, help them pick up new marketing strategies, keep up with investing trends, and connect with other investors.

According to Robbie Richards, who compiled the list of 88 real estate blogs that every investor, property manager and landlord should read,  these investing blogs will teach you key investment strategies and marketing tactics.

Check out his complete list of Top 88 Real Estate Blogs To Follow In 2014. Below is a excerpt of the section that our blog was included in:

Real Estate Investing Tips Blogs

12. Bigger Pockets
If there was one blog I could read, this would be it. It answers pretty every real estate question you could imagine with insights from a number of industry experts.

13. Bawldguy
Get an insight look at a number of proven real estate investment strategies.

14. Flippingjunkie
Take a look over the shoulder of Danny Johnson as he shows you how to make money flipping houses.

15. Real Estate In Your Twenties
This is the personal investment blog of Bigger Pockets’ Brandon Turner. Sit back as he teaches you everything he knows about real estate investment.

16. Big Rock Investments
Some helpful investment tips and industry information to help you make smarter business decisions.

17. Blood Hound Realty
A group of real estate investors located in Phoenix, Arizona. These guys provides helpful investment tips and relocation advice.

18. RE Tipster
The title says it all – real world guidance for part-time real estate investors. Get boat loads of actionable marketing advice. A great read!

19. Hassle Free Cash Flow Investing
David Campbell is an industry guru when it comes to real estate investing and cashflow generation. Follow his creative investment strategies as he uncovers emerging market opportunities.

20. Flipping Smart
Learn how to flip houses the right way, and make a ton of money.

21. Invest Four More
Follow real estate guru Mark Ferguson as he introduces you to long term rental investment strategies, as well as ‘fix and flip” tactics.

22. Tom Sylvester
Tom is a contributor to the Bigger Pockets blog, and regularly writes about real estate and entrepreneurship.

23. The Michael Blank
An interesting read. Michael Blank takes you inside his investment strategies. His focus is buying apartment buildings by raising money from private individuals. Well worth a read!

24. Just Ask Ben Why
Ben Leybovich is an industry leader that shares the strategies he used to secure his own financial future.

25. Norada Real Estate Investments
Real estate news, advice, opinion, and insights for every level of real estate investor.

26. The Big Property List
Resource for facts, opinions, and perspectives on real estate issues concerning rental property, real estate sales and leasing.

27. REIClub
Real Estate Investment Articles, Videos, Blog, Clubs, and Forums for Real Estate Investors.

28. Personal Real Estate Investor Mag
Industry news and investment strategies from industry experts.

29. Property Investment Project
Bob Landlord shares his personal experiences as a landlord and property enthusiast.

30. Struggling Investor
Scott walks you through the lessons he has learned as a first time investor, and teaches you everything he knows to become a profitable investor.

Thanks Robbie for taking the time to compile this AWESOME Top Real Estate Investing Tips Blogs list for real estate investors!

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