investor-lacava-working-rehabLast week I received a request on Facebook  asking for help getting started with Rehab Investing. Also commonly known as Fix & Flip investing, it is such a well covered subject on – we have over 31 FREE real estate investing training videos, 44 in dept training articles & case-studies  and a dedicated specific Chat Group for Rehab deals – that I did not know exactly where to point the new investor.

They say sharing is caring so here are my Top 4 Rehab Investing training video recommendations.

Top 4 Rehab Investing Training
Videos For Beginners

  1. How To Rehab Investment Houses Part 1 

  2. 8 Common Mistakes Rehabbing Houses

  3. Quick Formula For Estimating Repairs On a Junker

  4. What To Know Before Buying a Fixer Upper 

FINDING MOTIVATED SELLERSI remember when I first started looking into real estate investing – it was overwhelming for me. All the systems, groups, websites out there were all competing for my attention. I decided to stick with back then as my “source for real estate investing information.” Over the past decade the site resources for investors has multiplied tenfold.

So having been a new real estate investor myself a short time ago (btw, sometimes I still feel like a newbie) I had so much empathy for that Investor who reached out. So I also sent him these Free Bonuses to get him started: Seller Forms, Property Forms & How To Talk To Sellers Audio Training

I am sharing with you guys what I sent to him – because I wish for all of us to SUCCEED!

Happy Investing!
Camille Baptiste

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