“Honesty Is The First Book In The Chapter Of Wisdom”

When all is said and done, the best way for you to get as much out of your daily apartment and commercial real estate investment business is to use as much leverage as you can to get everything out of each day as possible. You can look at it this way. You can be highly successful without using leverage, but more often than not you will be spending every waking hour working on your business.

You know, 100 hours per week. I once read about a highly successful real estate investor in Chicago that put in over 100 hours per week. I don’t know about you but I do have other interests besides real estate. I have a family, friends, hobbies, etc. I choose not to work like a crazed man who will have a life expectancy of 45. So, if you want to go down that path that’s up to you. You may want to consider the path of having a career and a life outside of the career. If you do I have good news for you.

I currently work on my business less than 40 hours per week and I’m on top of the market – mainly as a result of leverage. Here are some simple tips I would give you to leverage as much as possible:

1. Hire all of the minimum wage tasks done for you. Your time is worth a lot more than you think. Everything that is not commensurate with your value needs to be done by someone else. Even if you think that you cannot afford it, it probably isn’t true. You cannot afford to spend your time on minimum wage tasks and responsibilities.

2. Use technology as much a possible. Use computer and database programs, fax machines, emails, etc. as much as you can. Just be sure that you’re in control of the technology, and it’s not in control of you. 99% of leveraging your time is truly as simple as the two steps above. Remember, if you want to succeed as an apartment or commercial real estate investor, you must be vigilant about using leverage as much as possible in all areas of your business. You will be very pleased with the outcome of these two simple steps…

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