virtualwholesaling flowchart1This Virtual Wholesaling Flowchart gives you a basic overview of the process and organizational structure of a successful wholesaling business. Feel free to Download, Print, and Share this free resource!

For a dedicated wholesaler, the goal is always to flip the properties as quickly as possible using as little of their own capital as possible. The Virtual Wholesaling Flowchart  demonstrates in the best way for Investors to: Source, Market, & Sell Quickly their wholesale deals.


virtualwholesaling flowchart

I created and shared this download to help you create a steady stream of leads for your real estate investing business – for free! Now – all you have to do is follow this process once you get wholesale deals or motivated seller leads coming to you.  Once you have wholesale leads and a consistent follow up process- it’s only a matter of time before you close your first (or next) deal.
“What gets measured, get’s results”.

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