70% of renters today begin their search for new apartment searches using the internet. If you are not using the internet’s power to let the world know you have an apartment for rent, wake up! You are losing out big time!

85% of all our leads to rent an apartment come from our internet advertising.

70% of all our leads come from FREE internet advertising!!!

Your future tenant prospects are clicking away. And why not?

Are clicking back to them? And why not?

Nothing beats the internet for satisfying the NOW factor that many of us desire when we want something.

Your prospects want information NOW.

Your prospects want choice NOW.

Their wanting to make decisions and their desire for satisfaction is what influences their online behavior.

It all starts and ends with a click.

Here are some tips on getting and grabbing new and highly qualified tenants to call you and eventually rent from you:

Photos: properties that display photos are viewed 3 to 5 times more frequently than those ads that do not have photos. Renters often will not even look at a listing that does not have photos. Warning: do not use your front entrance sign as a photo!

Floor plans: floor plans shown in the ad actually boosts the interest level greatly. An extra bonus would be to show furniture in the floor plan as well. This puts the “prospect” there in the apartment.

Detailed rents and availability: some owners and property management companies don’t like to display their actual rents online. I absolutely disagree. Renters demand it! So, show rents or they’ll become frustrated that they have to call the property to get this simple piece of information. You will lose many leads if you don’t show the rents online.

Maps: you know the saying, “location, location, location”! Enough said here.

Rent specials: Everyone loves specials! How does it make you feel when you know you got a super deal? Great, right? Even a small thing such as waiving the application fee for new renters, who contact the property via e-mail or reserve an apartment online, gets results.

Internet Listing Services (ILS): if your apartment building is big enough, consider using an ILS such as rent.com, apartmentfinder.com, or apartmentguide.com, just to name a few. For you out there who have small complexes, consider using craigslist.org as a start.

Social networking: texting, Face Book, MySpace, Twitter – it’s all just a matter of time. You can’t stop it so you might as well join it.

Even though we get most of our apartment rental leads from our online advertising, the traditional methods of offline marketing such as print ads and resident referrals should not be dismissed.

Are you sold yet? Are you going to turn on the faucet of internet marketing and let it rain new tenants?! Welcome to the 21st century and let’s get busy shall we?!

Til next time,

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