What is up with people lately? It seems that everywhere I turn I am reading something negative about real estate investing, or someone slamming on some topic. Now, it’s not directed at me, but I just can’t believe the negativity of some people.

I was recently on a popular search engines message boards, and I occasionally go on there to answer questions relating to real estate, home buying, investing, etc. Well, there were some threads started that were slamming real estate seminars and how they are all rip offs, etc. Seems this one person had paid a lot to attend a weekend real estate investing training, and was under the impression that they would immediately start making money. Well, now 30 days later, he’s not rich and is making a point of going around slamming the seminar guru.

So I post on there telling how I had been very successful investing in real estate and that they need to give it more time, and asked what the challenges were that they were having – I even offered the one guy to talk to him, no charge, to help him over his hurdles. Well oh my gosh, suddenly about a dozen people started putting up post attacking me, saying I was wrong (imagine that, telling me that my personal experiences were not real, hummm), and then accusing me of being an employee of the guru and that I was on there just planting false stories of success on the internet, etc. Just on and on.

It was really sad, here I was trying to help out and offer encouragement, but they simply would not accept that success could be real and that ordinary people could make money. They were totally convinced that any ways of making money were all scams and ripoffs and nothing anyone said was going to change their minds.

Then I was reading on another board, where someone was asking how they could get started investing in real estate and how no money down worked, etc. Well, someone jumps on, saying how they were this “professional investor” and had been doing it for 20 years, and that all the stories of buying property with no money down and creative financing was not true, and that the strategies in books and courses might have worked years ago, but not today. It was so negative, and this person was supposed to be a real estate investor.

I just couldn’t believe how they could be so negative and closed minded. How could someone who is an investor, not know how to do creative techniques or no money down? Are they from the same planet? It’s crazy, they were discouraging others based on their limited knowledge and negative limitations. I have been doing creative financing and no money down for years; I have the documents to prove it. Yet, they were there saying that people like me don’t exist, and that all I do and live daily is false??? That various “techniques” were outdated? Markets may change temporarily, but how to buy and own real estate in itself has not changed much in over 50 years. I still use these “outdated” techniques in various markets to make money today.

It was just Unbelieveable! It really bothers me when supposedly “knowing” people put out bad information to try to discourage others from taking action and pursuing their dreams.

It’s amazing how we as Humans, find it easier to believe the negative bad stuff, than all the good. We can hear fifty good stories about success, then just one bad story and we will believe that one saying “See, I told you that stuff was a scam!”. There are people who succeed in this business, and then there are those who do not and want to slam everything. Seek out the stories of the ones who succeed and learn what they did differently to get the results they did.

Don’t let others tell you that you can’t do something. No money down, creative financing, getting great deals, it’s all real. It does take work to make it happen. Every strategy or technique doesn’t work on every deal all the time, but you will find plenty of the right deals to match your buying strategy if you stick with it and persist.

Never give up, and always follow your dreams.

Happy Investing!

Todd Bockman

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