To determine if you are giving appropriate attention and setting worthy goals in all areas of your life, use the  “wheel of life” and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in the following 8 areas.

Business: Learn new skills, and find a mentor, mentor someone else, improve management skills, take a course.

Financial: Start a monthly savings plan, invest, earn extra money to pay off debt, take a finance course, read books, cut up credit cards, make a budget, automate bill payments, donate money regularly.

Physical: Reduce sugar, limit fatty foods, get adequate sleep, take kickboxing class, do yoga, lose 20 lbs, schedule annual doctor appointments, meditate, cut back on alcohol intake, upgrade appearance with new wardrobe, stop smoking.

Mental: Incorporate more recreational time into weekly schedule, read inspirational books, refine knowledge in a subject of particular interest.

Family: Spend more time with family, begin nightly reading ritual with children, schedule a date night with your spouse each week, visit parents twice a year, spend one-on-one time with each of your children.

Spiritual: Practice religion more faithfully, volunteer at church, join spiritual groups, read books on spirituality.

Lifestyle: Buy new home, travel to some foreign vacation spot, take piano lessons, clean out garage, redecorate interior of home.

Relationships: Spend more time with best friends, cultivate relationships with like-minded achievers, send birthday cards to all friends.

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