OK there are plenty of so called Real Estate experts out there right now. Touting their praises of how they have made a zillion dollars one way or another and by following their “program” You can too. It seems that more are joining the ranks every day. I personally have been bombarded with emails for offers of discounts, deals, specials, and invitations to join in webinars that claim to change your miserable life once and for all.

Most of these webinars are pitched under the premise of getting something free, then once you join the webinar the entire event becomes a 45 minute infomercial and “pitch” to buy programs, software and other stuff that you just cannot live without. Some of this stuff is pretty expensive and just does not live up to the promises of riches beyond your wildest dreams. Now you probably think that I am going to go on and on about how these guys are ripping you off or how not to waste your money but you won’t read that here. I sincerely feel there is some real value to be gained here. By listening to the majority of these webinars I have been pleasantly surprised.

That is not to say there are some clunkers out there and not worth your time, but for the most part I have been pretty impressed with most the content. Some of these guys really know their stuff and will in fact give you free stuff and great info. I have been investing in Real Estate for a very long time, more years than I can count. I still get some good ideas or new thoughts whenever I join to listen. Look most of them are held in the evening when you would normally be plunked in front of the TV with Cheetos in one hand and the remote in the other, talk about a waste of time.

Of course none of you have ever done this before maybe it’s just me. In any case what I am trying to point out here is this, spend this down time learning something, anything, new. You just never know when you are going to hear something that may just click and actually make you some cash. One word of warning though, just be sure you lock away your credit cards so you don’t get caught up in the moment and buy everything in sight, believe me it can happen.

My advice to you is this. Listen to the entire webinar, take notes, pay attention and after you have been pitched for the special deal. Stop, take a deep breath, back away from the computer screen, and sleep on it. If in the morning you feel like you still absolutely can’t be without this latest toy, then and only then go buy it. Most of these offers are buy now or you lose, but I have found that this so called one time only deals are usually there the next day.

If you buy and suddenly get buyer’s remorse it is not always easy to get your money back or return the product. Webinars are an absolute great tool for learning and getting new ideas. Maybe someday this awesome form of teaching will eliminate the need to get in get in your car, fight traffic and go to a College Class? I hope not, but for now it certainly is a great way to learn in the comfort of your living room. Put down the remote, get on a webinar and you just might learn something.

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