email _example_wholesalingWholesaling has always been a go-to strategy for creating quick cash in real estate. Wholesaling has two main components:

(1) A Great Deal

(2) An Investor Buyer

Many wholesalers make a huge mistake once they have an excellent deal to flip and a big list of hungry investor buyers … they market the deal wrong! In this training tip, you’re going to discover how to craft the perfect wholesaling email to send to your investor buyers so that you can get top dollar for your wholesale deal as quickly as possible.

The perfect wholesaling email has three key parts: Delivery System, Subject Line and Email Body.

How To Construct A Wholesale Deal Marketing Email

Delivery System

Deliver the email using your normal email system that you use to send out emails to friends and family, such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo. If you use a professional email service like Aweber, ConstantContact, iContact, GetResponse, MailChimp or any other such system, the percentage of emails that will actually be delivered to your recipients inbox will be far less. If your email goes to your intended target’s junk folder, what you do with the rest of your email is useless.

Subject Line

The Subject Line of your email will make or break your success because if the recipient doesn’t open the email, regardless of how great your email message is, it won’t matter because they won’t see it. From our tests, we have discovered that the best subject line to use is: “Investor Special (Property Address)”. This piques the reader’s interest as well as providing the credibility that a deal actually exists because you have the address.

Email Body

emailmarketingmojiMake sure you send out a text email, not an HTML email. You may be tempted to use HTML so you can include pictures of the property but that will hurt your recipients ability to view the email. You are better off without a picture and going text so that more people see the message. Once the recipient opens your text email, you have to grab them right away. The best way we have found to do this is to make the body of the email sound conversational:

OK, so here’s the deal.

Followed by the details of the deal

  • Property Address
  • $150,000 After Repaired Value
  • Needs some work (Less than $10,000)
  • Will sell for $55,000

Followed by a sense of urgency

Your offer must be sent to me within 10 days of this email. After that, I’ll finish the deal up myself.

Finally, put in your contact information at the bottom of the email body.

Simple, isn’t it? Less is more when it comes to a wholesaling email to investor buyers. This tip alone should drastically improve your results.

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