Have you ever heard a salesman say that you “must love your product” in order to be successful. Of course it makes complete sense. If you were going door to door selling a vacuum cleaner that you knew didn’t clean well, then you’d feel guilty about selling it and you wouldn’t be as successful. (At least most of us would).

Well, the same thing goes for us real estate investors. Let me explain. Often times when I’m helping out a new investor they’ll be afraid to talk to a seller on the phone. And the reason for this is because they have the wrong mindset.

Yes, we have a good product…

I have to quickly remind them that we’re selling “a good product” and that we’re helping people. Most people are in the mindset that when they call someone they’ll be bothering them and they’re afraid they will get yelled at.

But, here’s how I think you should look at it, because if you do you’ll instantly become more successful (because you’ll be more outgoing and you won’t be afraid to pick up the phone).

You need to remember that you are helping people. That these homeowners need you because if they don’t sell their house they’re going to lose it… and every day you don’t help them they’re losing more and more money.

When I first tell some people this, they find it hard to change their mindset.

That’s when I pull out all of the testimonials I have received over the years. Testimonials which talk about how people had been “praying to God for help” and then I came along and bought the house. Or testimonials that say I saved them from bankruptcy.

Of course, there are always going to be negative people in life who will call us “vultures” and a bunch of other names. But you need to believe in your product. You need to believe that every time you meet with a seller you are there to help them out of a tough financial situation.

In the end, it really is the overused cliché of a “win-win” situation. They get out of a terrible housing situation and you make money off the property. So start giving yourself more credit and realize that you need to get out there more, so you can help people more and as always, make more money.

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