I want you to stop brining business cards to networking events. I’m serious. I haven’t had business cards at networking events in years and it hasn’t stopped me from making a comfortable six-figure living.

You see, at networking events all people do is take your business card and either throw it away when they leave the meeting, or else they throw it away first thing when they get home. I know you’ve done the same thing and so have I.

So here’s what you do instead…

Whenever you’re at a networking event get everyone else’s business cards. Or at least the people you’re truly interested in getting to know. Then once you get home, send them an email and also send them some helpful information about what you talked about when you met them.

For example, let’s say you were at a networking event and were talking to a person who told you they were having a lot of trouble getting enough leads every month to do enough deals. Well, then you should email them a special report, or an article about how to get more motivated seller leads every month.

This is how the pro’s network and how I get a ton of referrals ever year.

Most people are still way to selfish when it comes to networking. But if you want to be successful you have to give first.

Whenever I’m at an event I find out what a person specializes in or what troubles they’re having. If they’re a landlord I might send them information on making more money as a landlord. If they’re a rehabber I might send them an article about doing rehabs quicker.

And to do this, all I do is ask them for their card. Then I email them when I get home that evening or the next day. Now, you might be wondering what happens when people want my card?

I simply tell people I don’t have any cards and most people don’t really care.

However, if someone really wants to get to know you, or help you, then have them write down your email address.

And if someone writes down your email address that means they’re motivated and someone who could become a good “networking partner” down the line. In short, this is a simple way to screen out the serious investors from the flakes.

This whole non-business card idea is something I wish I would have figured out early on, instead of spending so much time doing the stupid obligatory business card exchange just because society expects it.

So at your next networking event, just focus on getting other people’s cards and then providing them with information that will help their business grow and make more money.

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