youttubeMake no mistake, ranking on Google is the main reason we use YouTube for video marketing. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it is considered a website with high authority. Google wants their videos to be the first thing people see. This works to your advantage.

YouTube will become increasingly more important as a real estate marketing tool throughout the upcoming years. Most marketing is heading toward video format. Some analysts say that in the next 10 years, 75% of all marketing will be video marketing.

Most people tend to think of YouTube as a place to find funny videos. YouTube is actually a search engine in itself. It’s quickly becoming one of the top search engines out there.

Form a Message

The first step to creating your videos is forming your message. After watching the video, the viewer should be able to have a clear understanding of the message. You don’t want the viewer to wonder what it is that you’re trying to say. You also don’t want to go on and on, boring the viewer to tears. Be concise while making sure that your message is fully developed.

Creating Different Types Of Videos

rei video marketing blogAre you ready to start watching your page hits and real estate leads grow? That’s what will happen once you start posting exceptional videos. By “exceptional”, I mean exactly that.

Not just any video will work. It must meet certain criteria. Here is a list of the type of real estate investing videos you should create:

5 Types of Real Estate Investing Videos

Walking a Property:

These videos can be made at any point in the property’s life cycle—after first acquiring the property, in the middle of the rehab, or after all renovations are complete and its rent-ready. I typically start outside of the house and literally walk through the property while providing commentary in each room. This helps your buyers get a feel for the types of properties you sell and may also give some insight into your rehab process.

How To:

Quite simply, these videos explain “how to” do something. If you’re working with a new investor, you’d be surprised how much education is actually necessary. Some processes you take for granted may be essential for the investor to learn. For instance, an investor might need to close without you present to hold their hand. Creating a how-to video for closing would be very helpful in this situation.

Fun & Engaging:

These videos allow the viewer to get to know you—the real you! I never mind goofing off on camera since I find that some of these videos get the most views. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t get a little work done by creating some fun videos. Check this one out:


Do you have something exciting that’s about to launch? A new program or a large property package? This is the perfect way to showcase it. Let the viewer see how excited you are. It’s contagious!


Every now and then you may want to offer your viewers someone else to look at. It’s not that they don’t love your mug, but a little variety never hurt! If you have friends in the industry who are willing to do a short 5 minute video with you, get them on camera and have them discuss their latest deals. Click here for an example of a great real estate video casual interview format.

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