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There’s something magical about an ocean view. Whether you’re close enough to hear the sound of the waves washing up on the shoreline…or elevated enough to get panoramic, wrap-around vistas…the peace, tranquility, and timelessness of an ocean view will be the most-cherished benefit of your overseas property.  You’ll want to eat breakfast on your terrace…enjoy an afternoon siesta in your hammock, rocking in the cool ocean breezes…or dine to the backdrop of a fiery ocean sunset.

I’ll let you in on a secret.  You can afford an ocean-view property. Here are three ocean-view lots…in three distinctly different locations…that all come in at $90,000 (£55,760) or less.

South Pacific, Costa Rica: Killer Ocean Views.

South Pacific, Costa Rica: Killer Ocean Views

South Pacific, Costa Rica

This eco-wonderland is pristine, unspoiled, and incredibly beautiful. Towering mountains, covered in rich, dense rainforest, fill the skyline.  Along the winding coast, palm-studded sandy beaches run for miles. Tumbling waterfalls cascade down the mountain slopes. Palm-sized blue butterflies and tiny jeweled hummingbirds flutter over tropical flowers. With two thirds of the land preserved in this area, you won’t have to go far to see wildlife. Roads have crossings for tapirs and monkeys…beaches have look-out points for whales and dolphins…and you can breakfast alfresco in the company of toucans, parrots, and squirrels.

And those sharp mountain peaks (6000 feet high in places) give you fresh sea breezes…mountain views…and incredible ocean views along the coast. If you’re wondering why property prices stayed low here, there’s one reason: it was tough getting here. The coastal highway was in bad shape, and the local airport is more of an airstrip, with tiny planes and no amenities. But the upgraded, re-surfaced coastal highway opened a year ago, cutting the drive time from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose in half, to three hours…and plans call for an international airport here.  And we know what that can do for property prices…

For now, you can get a quarter-acre lot with killer ocean and mountain views, in a private community here, for $90,000 (£55,760).

South Pacific, Nicaragua: Ocean-view lot in a beachfront community.

South Pacific, Nicaragua

South Pacific, Nicaragua

Established community? Check.
Infrastructure in? Check.
Clubhouse, restaurant, stables? Check.
Five beaches to relax on, with surf break? Check.

All of this and an ocean view lot, more than an acre in size, for $71,500 (£44,296)? Sounds hard to believe…but it’s true.

And the landscape in this location is stunning. Majestic cliffs fall to the deep-blue Pacific. Thousands of acres of forest wrap around rocky outcrops, headlands and coves, and golden beaches.  This beachfront community offers seclusion in a tropical paradise…but with all the modern comforts you’re used to, plus some added luxuries like a spa and concierge service. You can unwind and recharge here…hidden away in your own private retreat.

Property prices are low here for a couple of reasons. One is that a left-leaning president made some buyers nervous. On top of that, a chunk of buyers of coastal property in Nicaragua came from the US, and as the US economy slowed, that pool of buyers dried up. The stagnant real estate market means that Nicaragua is now more affordable…and it’s still dramatically beautiful.

Pacific coast, Ecuador: Ocean view lot just steps from the sand.

Pacific coast, Ecuador: Ocean view lot just steps from the sand.

Pacific coast, Ecuador

If you really want your property dollars to stretch that little bit further, look to Ecuador’s north Pacific Coast. Here, $57,620 (£35,697) buys you a quarter-acre lot with great ocean views…and you’re less than a minute’s stroll to the sand.

This small development with 66 lots sits alongside the beach and sparkling blue sea. In the neighboring village, fishermen head out to sea in their little boats, bringing back gleaming wahoo and tuna. You can buy wahoo for one dollar a pound…or have it at one of the local rustic lunch spots with salad and rice for $2.

You can live the good life here and cut your expenses dramatically. You’ll eat fresh, local food… take advantage of low-cost medical care…pay property taxes a fraction of what you’d pay back home. But the real payback is that you’ll spend time with family and friends on the beach, sailing, fishing, swimming, or exploring the pristine rainforest in the hills back from the coast.

And the reason for the low property prices? Again, it’s an infrastructure story. This area was tricky to get to…but a new bridge, and coastal highway, are opening it up. Better yet, a road from Ecuador’s capital, Quito, opened recently. It cut the drive time to this coast in half, and makes this the closest beach area to Quito.

So, that ocean-view property you dream of can really be yours…and for an affordable price….for now. Each of these locations is poised to boom.

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